Heavy Equipment

Skid Steer


Sunward 3220



  Make Sunward   Model SWL3220   Type Skid Steer Loader   Standard Flow 21. GPM   High Flow 32. GPM   Pressure 3045PSI PSI   Hydraulic HP Standard Flow 37. HP   Hydraulic HP High Flow 58.1 HP   Engine HP 74. HP   Width 72  in.   Lift Capacity at 35% 1544.6 lb.   Lift Capacity at 50% 2206. lb.   Operating Weight 7392 lb.   Tire Size



Sunward SWE 335F Excavator


  • Operating Weight – 33.6 t / 74,054 lb.
  • Power – 224 kW / 300 hp @ 2000 rpm.
  • Engine Manufacturer – CUMMINS.
  • Bucket Capacity – 1.5 m³ / 2 yd³
  • Max. Digging Depth – 7.445 m / 24 ft 5 in.

Cold Planer RV-600/ex


The RX-600e/ex is a 675 horsepower cold planer available with 4-track assemblies or optional 3-track assemblies. This lighter...

Broom SM74P / SM74C


SM74P / SM74C          

The Superior Broom has many features not found on any other Side Cast  Sweepers, including low noise level in the cab, rear leaf spring  suspension, and touch pad control panel for the remote mounted  integrated hydraulic manifold that keeps the hydraulic heat and noise  outside of the cab.

Paver 1350-C


  • Paving Widths from 4ft to 8ft
  • Designed for Maximum Versability to Complete Any Job
  • Tier 4 Final 66hp Diesel Engine
  • Heaviest Screed in Class to Ensure Best Mat Quality
  • Designed for Easy Access Serviceability
  • Standard Sonic Sensor Auger Control

Split Drum Vibratory Roller Model 240V




  • Pressurized water system.
  • 3000 VPM Vibrating system.
  • Up to 7 mph forward and reverse.
  • 35 hp water-cooled 4 cylinder Kubota diesel engine



Overall Dimensions:






5’9” w/o ROPS



Shipping Weight: 


Operating Weight:


LINCOLN 880AXL Windrow Elevator


The Lincoln Windrow Elevator with our patented remixing auger provides a  continuous flow of material that reblends asphalt just before entering  the hopper eliminating segregation and ensuring a uniform mix  temperature.  Our unique product increases production and improves  material handling reducing costs.

Chip Spreader




  • Overall Length: 25’ 10” (7.874 m)
  • Overall Width:  8’ 6” (2.59 m) 
  • Overall Height: 8’ 8” (2.64 m), beacon retracted
  • Wheelbase: 12’ 10.5” (3.92 m)
  • Turning radius:  26’ (7.92 m) outside turn radius
    22’ 3” (6.78 m) inside turn radius


  • 23,720 lbs (10,759 kg), unloaded
  • 36,000 lbs (16,329 kg), loaded 16’ (4.87 m) wide

Force Feed Loader



About the 3000C

The only  available machine of its kind, the versatile 3000C Force Feed Loader is a  year-round workhorse, picking up soil, snow, millings or other  windrowed material for fast, low-cost material loading. The  climate-controlled operator’s platform and cab enhance safety and  comfort while providing superior visibility to the front pickup feeder  and rear discharge conveyor. The loader excels at continuous high  capacity material loading and offers safe, single or double lane  operation in roadway applications.

Tamping Compactor


The Dynapac CT3000 tamping compactor has been designed to efficiently  achieve specified densities on cohesive and semi-cohesive soils. With an  operating weight of 22 tons, and an average production capacity of 900  cubic meters per hour, the Dynapac CT3000 is ideal on projects such as  highways, dams and airport runways where largevolume earthwork is  required.



Dynapac's range of small and medium-size vibratory rollers are used  to compact all types of soil with the exception of rockfill. The rollers  are suitable for most types of road construction, airfields, dam  construction, harbour projects and industrial constructions. Heavy-size  vibratory rollers are used for a very wide range of applications. The  thickness and grade of the drum's steel are adapted for compacting  rockfill, although vibratory rollers are also known for their excellent  performance on other types of fill. A special version with a padfoot  drum (PD) is available for compacting cohesive soils.

A-3V-SD Barrier Wall Drill


Minnich A-3V-SD — commonly known as the Barrier Wall Drill — features  three pneumatic, vertically-mounted drills and is designed to maximize  efficiency and safety when drilling to secure a barrier wall. The  self-propelled Minnich concrete barrier wall drill, driven by two  pneumatic motors, travels to each section straddling and riding along  the top of the temporary wall. While on the non-traffic side of the  barrier, the operator uses a tethered controller to simultaneously drill  three pin holes through pre-molded holes in the wall, through the road,  into the sub-base to allow steel pins to anchor the barrier wall in  place. An optional dust collection system is also available for this  drilling unit.

Dura Patcher


Truck Mounted Pothole Patcher

  • Truck mounted pothole patcher for convenience with tight turning radius and low clearance.
  • No stress three piece boom with 18 foot walking radius.
  • Six yard aggregate hopper keeps operators working requiring less refills.
  • Heated emulsion tank provides over 10 tons of patch between refills.

Model P5


One Man Truck Mounted Pothole Patcher – 

  • Easy to learn joystick controls and operators display.
  • Four simple steps for a perfect pothole patch. CLEAN, TACK, FILL, COAT
  • Preset amounts can apply the correct amount of aggregate to maximize efficiency without wasting material
  • One man operation allows for efficient deployment of labor.

Black-Topper Centennial Series Asphalt Distributor


  • Improved  control and less maintenance. Electronic asphalt pump speed control  provides superior dependability and more precise control than manual  systems.
  • The application rate is automatically maintained even with variations in truck speed at any spray width.
  • One person operation. All spraying functions can be controlled from the truck cab.
  • Duplicate controls for stationary functions are located at the rear of the distributor.
  • Application  is precise. There is no by-pass valve in the circulating system.  Material that goes through the pump goes through the spray nozzles.
  • Spray bar is fully balances when spraying for unbeatable accuracy.
  • Balanced, dual feed asphalt flow while spraying insures uniform application across the full bar.
  • Custom built tank sizes.
  • Designed to meet federal regulations for hot products.
  • Rated Capacity is 1000 to 4500 U.S. Gallons

Self-Propelled Front Wheel Hydrostatic Drive Chipspreader


  • Higher Horsepower
  • Longer Wheelbase
  • Reduces Noise Level
  • Soft Start Conveyors
  • Side Mounted Radiator
  • Reversing Fan
  • Operator Controlled Auger and Conveyor Speed
  • Weight Transfer Hitch
  • Operator Stairs
  • Larger Receiving Hopper
  • Variable Height Hopper

Pavement Marking Equipment




Manufacturer BOMAG

 Model RS950B 

Year 2019 

 Category Reclaimers / Recyclers Subcategory Specialty Products.