About Us

We are Pippins Enterprises, LLC.  (Pippins)

Our company was established by Sherlock Pippins on June 30th, 2015 in Dallas, Texas. 

Our home office,  and our manufacturing facility are located in Dallas, Texas.

Mr. Pippins has 30 years of experience in the mining & construction industries.

During his tenure in the lignite fields of East Texas, he actually developed the first successful patented hammerless ground engagement tooth system. We  coined the phrase "Hammerless".  

Mr. Pippins has been granted approximately 40 U.S. & Foreign  patents.

After successfully operating a previous mining equipment & attachment business, and then working in corporate America for 15 years, Mr. Pippins  began a new venture. Starting out in this new venture called Pippins, the  goal was only to provide long life G-E-T.  This was accomplished by developing a carbide process that allows our product to last from 2 to 5 times longer than the competition. Fortunately for us, our customers began asking if we could provide additional cost effective products that would reduce their budget.

 This simple request has launched Pippins into several additional areas:

* The component parts business.

* The attachment business.

* The wear plate business.

*The new equipment business.

* The fabrication business.

* As well as our base line blades, edges & tips business.

Our goal is simple. We will strive to provide our customers with cost effective, quality products in a timely manner.  We'd like to remind everyone .... ( there's more than one way to skin a CAT)