Milling Machine Parts

Milling Drum




  • 0.5 M Standard Milling Drum
  • 1 M Standard Milling Drum
  • 2 M Standard Milling Drum
  • 2 M Fine Milling Drum

Protective Skid



The side protector skids are made of particularly wear-resistant material and are easy to replace. The special shape of the front wear runner supports the lifting of the side plate, when the machine travels over edges with the side plate lowered.

Scrapper Blade



The scraper on the rear panel of the milling machine seals the drum chamber so that the reclaimed asphalt pavement can be taken up cleanly. In addition, it smoothies the milled surface by shearing off the higher ridges. Carbide-tipped scrapers are used for this purpose. Hard alloyed scraper blades on the right and left ensure that these scrapers can also be fitted at the edges.

Conveyor Belt




  • Asphalt-resistant upper layer
  • Elastic intermediate layer
  • Tear-resistant polyester-polyamide textile layers (up to five layers)
  • Base layer with optimized coefficient of friction.

Drive Roller




  • The ideal surface friction provides the reliable conveying capacity.
  • Diamond-shaped surface effectively avoid adhesion of asphalt.
  • The excellent steel structure ensures the stable operating.
  • Tight tolerances are adhered to during the production process..

Return Roller




  • Nine support bars ensure safe running.
  • Open design principle prevents adhesion of asphalt.
  • Made of high-quality alloy steel to ensure long service life.
  • The strong intrinsic structure prevents the roller from deforming in hardcore operating condition.
  • Tight tolerances are adhered to during the production process.

Conveyor Chain




  • Both the production and product quality meet international standards
  • Feeder bars are welded to the chains to fortify the junctures  
  • Comprising high quality carbide steel and alloy that renders profound resistance to wear 
  • Long service life enabled by specialized heat-processing 
  • Precise spacing between links that facilitates the installation, effectively preventing premature wear out
  • Warranty of 3,000 working hours under normal operation

Idler Pulley



To ensure low-friction circulation of the conveyor belts. Easily detachable connections make changing roller a simple task. As a result, making the conveyor belt can comb a high conveyor capacity with low power consumption. The easily attachable idle pulley with plow groove ensures the idle conveyor capacity.

Idler Pulley & Guide Rollers


Idler pulley & guide rollers are moving freely to avoid adhesion of asphalt.

Screed Plate


We provide customized services to meet various of demands, such as screed plate with different material and particular dimension. 

Our products are compatible with those famous brand around the world, like VOGELE, VOLVO, ABG, CAT, BOMAG, MARINI, ROADTEC, SANY, ZOOMLION, XCMG.

Rubber Bolt On Track Pads




Material Properties: Rubber helps absorbing the vibration during machine operation, which effectively protects the undercarriage parts from loosening quickly; it also provides better traction for climbing upward and preventing slippery on rainy days or slope-parking.

Internal Structure: With supporting frames inside the pads, when rubber part wears, the track shoes are being well protected and could be reused many times.

External Features: Made with exclusive chamfers that help avoiding leaving scratches on the ground, reducing the chances of rubber chunking off from the edge and facilitating the turning and moving of the machine.

Milling Bits


We carry every size and style of conical bits and blocks for your application.

Sweeper Broom Parts

Poly & Wire Wafers


 Manufactured to meet the industries highest standards, AllPro Poly and wire Wafer Brooms are forerunners in quality and durability. Providing you with more usage hours between broom changeovers, AllPro Poly and Wire Wafer Brooms are ideal for attacking tough road debris such as asphalt, gravel, mill grind, clay and mud. Keystone’s convoluted style Poly Wafers are designed for durability and consistent sweeping performance. Its unique construction enables it to cover any surface with a continuous pattern. Our Poly Wafers are an ideal choice for all sweeping conditions and are available in all sizes to fit most popular sweepers on the road today.  .

Broom Strips


 Our AllPro Strip Broom is designed as an alternative to traditional tube brooms providing efficient sweeping, simple storage, ease of disposal and simplified broom changes along with other benefits. The AllPro Strip Broom has individual polypropylene strips that are mounted on a central mandrel, forming a full size, densely bristled broom 

Gutter Brooms


 A full line of KP Gutter Brooms are available for every make and model sweeper on the road today. Topped with high impact resistant co-polymer blocks, patented wire has a long-lasting and durable spring action keeping KP Gutter Brooms firm, in-shape, and ready for heavy duty curb sweeping jobs. They’re built to last. 

Tube Brooms


 A tube broom is constructed on a solid steel core – a steel channel with filament crushed inside is spirally wound throughout the length of the tube. Tube Brooms are also know as: main brooms, center brooms, bottom brooms, pick-up brooms, belly brooms and extension brooms. 

Custom Brushes


 Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to custom manufacture brushes for specialty and OEM needs. If you have a unique application or a looking for a custom color to distinguish you from your competition, we can custom manufacture a product to your needs. 

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We offer a full line of sweeper broom parts for all machines

Heavy Equipment Components

Engine Components


We carry a full line of Caterpillar engine parts. High quality parts at an affordable price.

Full industry standard warranty on all items

Rubber Tracks


Visit Pippins for your next requirement of Rubber Tracks. We carry Rubber Tracks for all brands of equipment.High quality and full warranty on all items.



Sprockets available for all makes and all models.

Undercarriage Parts


We offer a full line of undercarriage parts for all makes and all models.



Full line of heavy equipment transmissions. Full warranty - better price.


Track Chain


Track chain available for all makes and all models.

Water Pumps


Water pumps for all heavy equipment.

Full warranty.




Pippins carries a full line of tracks for all heavy equipment. Industry standard warranty, and a great price.

Full warranty- High quality.



 Complete quality undercarriage with full warranty, and priced affordably.

We have all undercarriages, and all parts for almost all machines.

Chain / Grousers


 High quality chain and grousers for all makes all models. Full warranty applies.

Hydraulic Pumps



Pippins has a full range of Hydraulic Pumps & Components for Heavy Equipment.

Full Warranty

Break Parts


 High quality priced consequence Break Components for all Heavy Equipment.

Full Warranty